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Financing Maritime Equipment for Your Business

If you're looking for financing, Beequip is the partner for SMEs in the maritime sector. Whether your equipment is new or used, when you lease with Beequip, you're choosing a partner with expertise.

The Netherlands and the maritime sector are often synonymous with each other, given our (sea)ports and rivers leading to the hinterland. It's not surprising that it's one of the largest sectors in Dutch business. Our specialists are familiar with the maritime equipment you work with, and we prioritize that in the financing solution. We assess how you intend to use the vessel and what that means for its value. This forms the basis of our lease offer, not the financial statements from previous years.

Financing Maritime Equipment

Leasing is a flexible solution tailored to your company's growth. Whether it's leasing an (new) inland vessel, leasing work equipment for pontoons, the pontoons themselves, or specialized offshore equipment like a Jackup Rig, choosing Beequip ensures your financing is quickly and easily arranged, allowing you to grow simultaneously.

You can come to us for:

  • Financing inland vessels with a ship mortgage
  • Financing workboats with a ship mortgage
  • Financing offshore equipment

This includes, for example:

  • ROVs
  • Cable transport/laying equipment
  • Scrubbers
  • Pontoons

What does the 'equipment first' approach mean?

Beequip understands the equipment you need. That's why we prioritize it in the financing solution we create for you. We have specialists with knowledge of every leasing sector, allowing us to always provide tailored advice. We call it ''equipment first'', because first, we assess what you need and how you will use it to determine its value. Only then do we consider the annual figures. Our specialists can appraise both used and new maritime equipment. This often enables us to go the extra mile in our customized leasing solutions compared to traditional parties.

How long does the lease application process take?

Thanks to this approach, we can act quickly. At Beequip, we prefer to think in days rather than weeks. Together we find the most suitable financing solution for the equipment you need. This can be done through financial lease, where the goods become your economic property directly, or through (full) operational lease, where we buy the equipment for you and you rent it from us for a fixed price and a fixed period.

Sale & lease back

Do you already have a whole fleet of, for example, containers and ships, but want to increase your cash flow? Take a look at our sale & lease back option, where we buy a portion of your equipment to free up money. You then lease the equipment back from us and have room to make investments. That's what we mean by growth.

Beequip's Service

Financing maritime equipment with Beequip offers many possibilities. Whatever leasing solution you're looking for, we're happy to assist you. Are you curious about the options for your business? Feel free to contact us anytime. We're here to advise you!

If you're not interested in maritime leasing, but rather in other heavy equipment, you can also turn to us. We offer, among other things, the option to lease trucks, containers, and telehandlers.

Discover your options

Joost van den Berg is sales director maritime and here to answer all your questions. You can contact him via phone or e-mail, see details below.