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Leasing a crane for your company?

High, higher, highest. With a crane, you can lift items to great heights when necessary. And we often think of construction or renovation, but cranes are used in many other places as well.

Goods handling, containers, or even by the fire department. Anywhere lifting is required. And financing the crane is done through Beequip: lease used or new. For that Liebherr 355C, we find the best possible leasing solution. Our specialists are familiar with the equipment you work with and prioritize it in the financing solution.

What are the benefits of leasing a crane instead of buying or renting?

Leasing works like this: you pay a fixed monthly fee for a pre-agreed period. This monthly fee is based on the price of the crane and the duration of the lease. Due to the long lifespan of cranes, you can start working with a valuable crane at a low monthly cost. At the end of the lease period, the crane can become fully owned by you. Leasing a crane therefore has several advantages compared to renting one.

Why lease a crane with Beequip?

Whether you're lifting with a Faun telescopic crane or a Spiering mobile tower crane... It makes no difference to us. There comes a moment when the equipment needs to be replaced, and that's when we're here for you. We want to help you grow. And we do that by finding the best solution to finance your next crane. You choose, we finance.

Leasing a used or new crane?

Leasing a used crane is no problem at Beequip. A flexible solution is needed for leasing a new or used crane. Tailored to the growth of your business. Looking for a financing solution for a used or new telescopic crane, mobile wire crane, tower crane, or folding crane? Leasing a crane via Beequip is possible anytime, anywhere in the world.

Below is a selection of cranes for which we can offer a leasing solution:

  • Crawler telescopic crane
  • Mobile crane
  • Mobile telescopic crane
  • Mobile tower crane
  • Tower crane
  • Crawler tower crane
  • Crawler folding crane
  • Mini crane
  • Crawler wire crane

If your crane is not listed here, no problem either. We have or will create a solution to make leasing possible for any conceivable crane. Can we surprise you with our approach? Contact us today for a competitive leasing quote.

How quickly can you lease a crane with Beequip?

Due to our equipment-first approach, we can act very quickly. Days instead of weeks. For example, we often find leasing a used crane to be a very good solution. It reduces the investment, and nowadays, machines last long enough.

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Thijs Parren is sales director cranes and here to answer all your questions. You can contact him via phone or e-mail, see details below.